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PhageTech, Inc.'s proprietary technology consists of target capture and enzyme amplification by electrical signal to detect disease biomarkers. The system is simple, highly portable, fast, with signal proportional to biomarker for quantification. The CarePoint-Assay is intended for use at the direct patient care setting for immediate laboratory quality results in about 20-minutes



PhageTech, Inc.’s point-of-care biosensor is a reagent-free, multi-channel biosensor, creating a quantifiable signal when in contact with specific disease biomarkers. The CarePoint-Assay has demonstrated limits of detection below 3 ng/mL (pico-molar range) and is highly generalizable to different biomarkers. The biosensor is capable of performing multiple simultaneous assays without complex sample processing. A fluid-in and data-out model eliminates the need for any special training, lab equipment, or capital equipment. Each CarePoint-Assay biosensor can be read by a small reader, with patient results displayed using a smartphone app and securely transported to the cloud.

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