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​​​​​​​​​​​Company Overview​​​

PhageTech, Inc. is a California based development stage company with an innovative platform that employs a bacteriophage substrate for detecting analytes in urine, blood and most any other body fluid.  This technology promises to offer equal or better performance against antibody based assays.  With urine and other body fluids, it will not require any complex sample preparation or reagents and it can be run by minimally trained medical staff.  Results are virtually instant and it can be implemented as a Point Of Care test.  At the same time it is more robust, much less expensive to produce and scalable for large applications. Its shelf life will be measured in years (not months) and it will not require refrigeration for storage. These features give it many commercial advantages over current platforms.

This technology promises to deliver rapid and accurate diagnostic screening and testing across all populations for a fraction of the cost. It has been developed by researchers at UC Irvine, California and is covered by a number of issued and pending patents.  It was demonstrated last year using PSMA, a known marker for prostate cancer, as the analyte.   

PhageTech(tm) technology will touch virtually every field of medicine and will have a profound impact on global health care.

PhageTech, Inc. is commercializing this technology and we are seeking strategic technical partnerships with existing diagnostic companies.  We want to work with organizations that have developed reliable disease markers and wish to use our platform to commercialize them.  ​


PhageTech is aSouthern California company founded in 2014. Our Company's vision is to develop and commercialize affordable, simple to use, accurate sensors for the detection of deadly diseases which will save lives and lower healthcare costs worldwide. PhageTech has licensed proprietary diagnostic technology from the University of California, Irvine with the intent to develop and commercialize a new low cost diagnostic platform utilizing disease specific "bacteriophage" sensors that will enable rapid and sensitive detection of diseases at their earliest stages.

Company Description

The Company is developing a new generation of sensors that can will diseases such as cancer and infectious diseases in their earliest stages accurately, conveniently and instantaneously at low cost allowing accessibility to the physician or consumer even in developing countries, enabling early treatment saving millions of lives worldwide. The Company is participating in the lucrative $70B global in Vitro Diagnostics Market. This disruptive platform technology will radically change the current standard of diagnostics; the use of antibodies, that was introduced 40-50 years ago but are expensive, require controlled storage conditions and complicated sample workup limiting their usage worldwide.  Alternatively PhageTech's sensors will be low cost, provide instant results, be convenient (used directly with any bodily fluid), and are highly sensitive and selective for disease biomarkers; even several at a time. 


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