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(Apr 6, 2020)

Virus Bioresistor (VBR) for Detection of Bladder Cancer Marker DJ-1 in Urine at 10 pM in One Minute

Here, we describe a virus bioresistor (VBR) capable of detecting DJ-1 in urine at a concentration of 10 pM in 1 min. The VBR consists of a pair of millimeter-scale gold electrodes that measure the electrical impedance of an ultrathin (150-200 nm), two-layer polymeric channel. The top layer of this channel (90-105 nm in thickness) consists of en electrodeposited virus-PEDOT (PEDOT is poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)) composite containing embedded M13 virus particles that are engineered to recognize and bind to the target protein of interest, DJ-1. The bottom layer consists of spin-coated PEDOT-PSS (poly(styrenesulfonate)).

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